Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Die

‘The only thing that matters is power: the power of gold,
the power of subtle persuasion,
the power of naked authority, the power of the gun.’

‘I can’t possibly divulge that information. It might mean the end of my career.’
‘If you don’t, it might mean the end of your eyes, my friend.’

The tabloid press drove him to suicide, accusing him of the murders of five children.

But when an unscrupulous reporter returns two years later to torment his widow, she is thrown back down into the dark place from which she has long struggled to escape.

Then by chance she meets Os Doran, ex-Special Forces soldier and mercenary.

As a shadowy world of fraudulent government procurement practices is exposed, politicians and their cronies will stop at nothing, including bribery, intimidation, kidnap and murder to keep their cosy network of nudges, winks and cash-stuffed brown envelopes intact. But they soon learn Doran will cross every line to help this troubled woman.

Will there be some kind of retribution for Bill Stover – or will it be business as usual?

Meet Os Doran, a man whose murky past also conceals a haunting secret from which he, too, is struggling to escape.

A compelling, intelligent, literary political thriller.

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Injured or Seriously Killed

‘People of my class don’t lead troops into battle, people of my class
send other people into battle.
People of my class send other people out to be killed.’

‘But – why? – why?’
‘Enough questions for now. Time to get on with our entertainment for the afternoon.
Now – where was I? Oh, yes, the Boger Swing. As I was saying –’

George Pendragon, ruthless Tory grandee, will do anything to guarantee a Conservative majority at the next general election. Henry Lovell, bigot, anti-Semite and white supremacist, will do anything to keep England English, Christian and white.

Together they hatch a devious plot to achieve their separate aims but it goes horribly wrong when Os Doran is drawn into their schemes.

Lord Pendragon uses his connections at the highest levels within the government, police and security services to ensure his links to Lovell remain hidden forever.

But when Doran threatens them with exposure, Pendragon sets out to destroy him using a secret government black ops team while Lovell contracts with a crime boss to murder him.

How will Pendragon, the paradigm cynical power player, achieve his aims through his backroom connections within the corridors of power? How will Lovell survive the madness brought on by his raging paranoia? How will Doran escape these two different faces of evil?

A brutal murder     A cynical conspiracy     A web of hatred

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