About Riis Marshall

Riis Marshall is an American ex-pat living and writing in the wilds of Lincolnshire.

Following a long career as a management consultant in the UK and the US, with one short project in Nigeria, he spent the last five years of his working life teaching Maths and Physics at Grantham College. He has still not decided which is more terrifying, big snakes in the Nigerian bush or sixteen-year-old college students in the East Midlands.

He is the creator of Os Doran, close protection security consultant, righter of wrongs, rescuer of damsels in distress and saviour of the World.

Riis writes thrillers he describes as ‘having contemporary political themes’. Human Resource practitioners, hospital administrators, bankers, politicians, bent coppers, tabloid press reporters, mercenaries and secret government black ops goons often do not fare well in his work.

He is interested in examining how power tends to corrupt individuals and how organizations evolve according to the personal objectives of those in power.

His world view is not altogether gloomy, though, the good guys win most of the time (while some of the bad guys occasionally escape).

He hopes he writes in a style that would interest readers of the works of John le Carré, Nelson Demille and Robert Harris.

Please feel free to contact him at info@RiisMarshall.co.uk to chat about your interests and his work.