Please keep this in mind as you read this essay: I’m a writer—I write stuff.

A year ago I set up this website and blog to promote my writing. I write thrillers with contemporary political themes. The first has been published, the second is due out next year and the third is in preparation.

Throughout this year I have posted to my blog. Admittedly my posts have been few, mostly because I like to spend most of my time writing about the further adventures of Os Doran: close protection security consultant, righter of wrongs, rescuer of damsels in distress and saviour of the world. I also acknowledge my posts have not followed a theme; I have discussed some of my own adventures and topics of interest to me and, hopefully, to you.

What I wanted to happen was you nice folks out there would reply to my posts and we could start some interesting dialogues. This has not happened.

Every reply to my posts has been from spammers trying to sell me stuff. I have been told my blog lacks content and you could provide it for me, totally ignoring that I’m a writer and perfectly capable of generating my own content. I have been told you could boost my rankings in the search engines—read this as ‘Google’. If you do a search you’ll discover ‘Riis Marshall’ ranks nineteen out of the top twenty pages listed on Google, ‘Os Doran’ is first and ‘Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Die’ ranks eight out of the first nine. I have also been told I have too much duplicate content. I have no idea what this means.

Here is what I would like you to do: Read my posts and reply discussing their content. Tell me I’m the greatest writer since William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, tell me my stuff sucks and you totally disagree with everything I’ve said, tell me my grammar and punctuation stink, tell me my vocabulary and word usage are pedestrian, tell me you don’t believe anything I’ve said about my true life adventures—that I’ve made them all up.

Tell me anything other than you have a magic wand that will help me, following payment to you of a generous fee, sell millions of my books from my website and rocket me into an internationally recognized best selling author.

Or you could do this: Read my blog posts and offer to reply. I promise to moderate them and post them so long as they’re in reasonably good taste. Or buy my book, read it and offer to post a review. If your review is coherent and not too hysterical—five stars are encouraged but not necessary, I promise to post it and refund your full purchase price including postage.

Thanks for listening.


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